Thursday, August 29, 2013

The sky is the Limit for Google’s new Project Loon

Recently kids at Maker Camp witnessed a live balloon launch from Google. We can’t help but wonder if Google’s Project Loon will ignite further interest in the DIY and Maker community to unlock new potential for high altitude balloons and what you can do with them. This is an exciting time where space has never been more accessible and it seems that high altitude balloons is one way to get there.

Browse the 650+ Maker-Made Exhibits at World Maker Faire New York

We're a mere three weeks away from our fourth annual World Maker Faire New York, and there will be over 650 maker-made exhibits on display!

Maker Hangar Episode 15: Modifications

In Episode 15 of Maker Hangar, the last episode, Lucas Weakley goes over some additional modifications you can make to your plane to make it fly better and do more things.

Building a Transistor-Scale 555

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and Eric Schlaepfer have developed a kit that builds a working 555 built out of discrete, through-hole transistors.

Raspberry Pi Emulates a Retro Mac at 1/3 Scale

John Badger from RetroMacCast shows off his replica retro Macintosh which he built using sheet PVC and a Raspberry Pi.

Control RGB LEDs with this Android-Arduino Combo-Circuit

Combine an Arduino with a USB host mode-compatible Android device, and control a strip of full-color RGB LEDs with your Android's touchscreen. Explore Pulse Width Modulation to get maximum brightness from your LEDs and mix their values to correct for color balance.